Optical Services

Service is everything to us

Professional Services

Ellis and Killpartrick recognise the importance of high quality professional service, including advice on frame selection and frame styles, careful frame fitting and repairs and maintenance. We carry a large stock of parts and can often repair and refit damaged frames promptly.

Onsite Glazing

State-of-the art glazing technology enables Ellis and Killpartrick to offer an efficient high quality service. We carry a large stock of finest quality lenses and are often able to provide spectacles on the same day depending upon lens type. All lenses glazed (cut) in and out of house have to pass stringent quality control tests, and patients are required to schedule fitting appointments to ensure the lenses are providing clear accurate vision and the frame is fitting comfortably and securely.

Eye and Vision Information

Ellis and Killpartrick provide a wide range of information sheets including advice on cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eyes and general tear problems, myopic progression and possible treatments, and careful instruction on safe wearing and management of contact lenses.

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