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Managing Myopia (shortsight)

Myopia Management

There is a global pandemic of shortsightedness (myopia) in the 10-21 year old age group which is strongly associated with ever increasing digital device use.  These increases can be managed by specialist FDA approved contact lenses and more recently also spectacle lenses.

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What causes Myopia?

Most people think it’s to do with the focusing muscle in the eye. This is not the case and it has been known for many years that the short focus is the result of the eyebal becoming too long by stretching and growing too much, resulting in the light focusing short of the back of the eye (retina).

Genetic factors

We know that if one or both parents are myopic, this increases the likelihood of myopia in their children.

Environmental Factors

Recent studies suggest that outdoor activity and more daylight exposure reduces the prevalence of myopia. Research also suggests that the association between computers/reading/closework and myopia is not caused by the close focusing but by the reduced amount of daylight exposure as these tasks are usually indoors.

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