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Contact Lenses

The choice is yours – our contact lenses

The needs and wearing habits of contact lens wearers are as different as the wearers themselves. Contact lenses have seen further technological advances over the past ten years, and these days it is possible to fit monthly and daily lenses as an alternative to spectacles to most prescriptions, including patients with astigmatism and bifocal/ vari-focal users.

Ellis and Killpartrick stock a wide range of different contact lenses by leading manufacturers including Alcon / Ciba, Johnson & Johnson, Cooper Vision, Bausch & Lomb and other specialist manufacturers, with the objective to find the most suitable lens in order to provide all day comfortable clear vision.

Need to order more lenses?

It couldn’t be easier to order more of your lenses, simply email us or call us on 01225 466954 for Bath, 01242 228686 for Cheltenham or 01666 502913 for Tetbury.

  • Free trials

    For most first time users, the biggest hurdle is getting through the thought of “putting something in your eye”. This is natural, as we learn from experience that having “something in your eye” is generally unpleasant and best avoided. To help get through this very understandable concern, our experienced contact lens practitioners will examine your eyes and select the most comfortable suitable lens to let you try at no charge.

    If you would like to try some of the very latest types of contact lenses, please contact us to book a free suitability appointment at your convenience.

  • Myopia control

    Short sight or Myopia in young eyes is increasing world wide at an alarming rate. Asian eyes appear more vulnerable with myopia levels reaching as high as 80% in many Far Eastern countries, but even in Europe and North America the incidence is approaching 30%. This is of concern as apart from the inconvenience of wearing spectacles and contact lenses, myopic eyes are associated with higher levels of visual loss in adulthood.

    Daylight is Good

    Research overwhelmingly suggests that increased levels of close vision tasks, exacerbated by the intensive use of digital devices, is a strong associating factor and a consequence of this is reduced daylight exposure. Research suggests each additional hour of daylight exposure reduces odds ratio of developing myopia by 2% in young eyes.

    Myopia Management

    Myopia control or management can be achieved by three methods, pharmacological (0.01% atropine) , “ortho K” which involves sleeping in specially designed hard contact lenses overnight or by using multifocal soft lenses. We recommend the multifocal lens strategy as these lenses are now available in daily disposable modality and we believe offer the safest and most convenient and cost effective method.

  • Handling and fitting appointments

    If you decide you would like to go further, you would then be taught the easiest techniques for inserting and removing lenses.

    Ellis and Killpartrick recognise the importance of mastering these techniques quickly, and offer additional refresher tuition if rapid progress is not made.

  • Aftercare

    All contact lens fitting and aftercare at Ellis and Killpartrick practices is undertaken and supervised by the more highly qualified optometrists; we do not use dispensing opticians to carry out contact lens work. Fees cover all aspects of fitting and ongoing aftercare which includes normal eye examination, and will depend on the type of lenses fitted. Typically most lens wearers would be covered by a fee package of £6 -£10 per month.

  • Daily disposable lenses

    We recommend Daily disposable lenses due to:

    • high levels of oxygen
    • user friendly
    • comfort
    • no cleaning of lenses
    • more hygienic as no maintenance or storage cases
    • chemical free
  • Versatile and comfortable - semi-disposable lenses

    These are either fortnightly or monthly change systems and may be preferred if daily lenses are unsuitable. They do require cleaning and maintenance, and have to be stored in chemical disinfectants.

  • Gas permeable hard lenses

    Hard lenses are usually mainly used for difficult types of prescription which may make it difficult to achieve a satisfactory standard of vision with soft lenses. Replacement frequency depends on the type of material.

  • Lens supplies

    Lenses can be supplied directly via a home delivery service or collected from the practice. UK regulations governing the supply of lens require that lenses can only be supplied to a “valid prescription”. To comply with this requirement, a contact lens check must be carried out every twelve months.

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