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Professional Service

Our optometrists will provide a comprehensive eye exam to assess visual performance and eye health.

Our practices are equipped with some of the latest state-of-the-art technology including fundus imaging and OCT scanning to detect and monitor visual abnormalities.

We provide information and advice on lifestyle choices, diet, ophthalmic and contact lenses to provide comfortable accurate vision and to help maintain healthy eyes. We recommend appointments for both frame selection and final fitting to ensure both a stylish cosmetic result and an accurate and comfortable fit.

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Our History

Ellis and Killpartrick was founded by Bradford University optometry graduates Brian Ellis and Michael Killpartrick in 1979. We are now one of the leading independent opticians in the South West, with over 22,000 registered patients across three practices.

Our original practice in Bath has a 40-year reputation for excellent service and a wide and distinctive range of eyewear. Continuing our success, a second practice was opened in Cheltenham in 1998, and in 2021, a third practice opened in Tetbury in 2019.

We all have our own distinctive ideas and different requirements for spectacles, sunglasses, and contact lenses. Ellis and Killpartrick value a thorough examination and a close relationship with our patients in order to provide the best possible advice to meet all individual visual needs.

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Meet Our Staff

  • Aijmeen Ahmed

  • Alice Rea

    Frame Stylist/Dispenser
  • Anna Moss

    Senior Frame stylist/Dispenser
  • Audiologist

    Austin has a strong background in science, with degrees in Natural Sciences, Biotechnology and Audiology. He has extensive experience in the assessment and rehabilitation of adults and children with hearing…
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  • Ben Wright

    Frame Stylist/Dispenser
  • Chloe Blacker

    Practice Manager/Dispensing Optician
  • Chris Giles

  • Christine Clancy

    Dispensing Manager
  • Dan Lock

    Frame Stylist/Dispenser
  • Evelyn Selway

    Frame Stylist/Reception
  • Graham Pritchard

  • Honor E. Jones

    BSc Optom, MBCOptom, GOC registered
  • Michael R. Killpartrick

    Director and Boss!!
    Mike studied Optometry at Bradford University and has worked in practices in Leeds, London, the Bahamas and Bath. He has also worked in the contact lens industry as a Professional…
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  • Molly Carson

  • Oscar Martinez

  • Susannah Way

    Frame Stylist
  • Hannah Schofield

  • Heidi Oliver

    Frame Stylist/Reception
  • Holly Simoneaux

    Practice Manager/Dispenser
  • Imran Wood

  • Maria Ward

    Frame Stylist/Reception
  • Marie Leaton-Smith

    Frame Stylist/Reception/Contact Lens Admin
  • Neil Vedmore

    Director and Dispensing Optician
  • Robin Hoult

    Dispensing Optician
  • Zoe Stanley

  • Carol Frayling

    Frame Stylist/Reception
  • Helen Roberts

  • Joanne Forss

  • Neil Vedmore

    Director and Dispensing Optician
  • Sally Ward


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